Dates: 23 & 24 Jan; 27 & 28 Feb

Time: 9am to 5pm

Early Bird Fee: S$590  (Register one month earlier)

After SDF Grant, Fee: S$562 only

Normal Fee: S$610!

SDF Code: CRS-N-0024967


FOC for the 11th participant
for 6th participant.

Want to know how to give status update / communicate with your boss/es and yet appear impressive?

Want to learn how to get along well with colleagues?

Want to learn what makes people tick? Been pressing the wrong buttons and got into trouble?

Come and join us in this highly-interactive workshop! Like many others, you will leave the workshop with a toolkit of techniques and skills to enable you to work effectively with people around you.

What You Will Gain

  • Personality Profile – learn about your own strengths and areas for improvement in different work situations; how you communicate, how you react to changes, deadlines – detailed personality report will be given to you
  • Adapting to Different Behavioural Styles – learn proven techniques to influence the Boss/es if s/he has different communication styles from you; use adaptation strategies that help you to impress the Boss/es, colleagues so they can see the value of your contributions when you update them about your work
  • Making Others Tick – get simple ideas how to motivate your staff, even your children to do what you want done, understand how others react to changes, deadlines differently
  • Problem Solving: how different types problem-solve and make decisions
  • Conflict Resolution: how different types resolve conflicts and reconcile
  • Appreciation: how different types show appreciation, compliment
  • Stress: how different types manage pressure and stress

Who Should Attend

Managers, Supervisors, Executives, Administrators or anyone who communicates with people a lot daily.

HRMS courses

To register for the above course in HRMS, simply follow the following easy steps:

  • 1- Login to HRMS – Learning Hub
  • 2- Under Employee Self Service, click on Learning Hub > Access Learner’s Home Page
  • 3- Click on “Course Catalogue – View” menu
  • 4- Under the Hierarchy Display, expand “External Training Provider” folder followed by “ACES Learning Hub Pte Ltd”
  • 5- Click on the Course Title you wish to register
  • 6- Choose your preferred date and click on the “To Registration” link
  • 7- Ensure that your Reporting Officer and Training Coordinator information are in order before clicking on “Submit Registration”
  • Note: Kindly ensure that your Training Co-ordinator approves the registration by the closing date

Facilitator’s Profile

Yeo Beng Teck

Yeo Beng Teck has been actively involved in Human Resource Development, organisation change, and facilitation for over 10 years specializing in soft skills training, customer service, leadership development, team effectiveness, feedback and coaching. He is highly-energetic, and has a strong passion to develop people, thus easily engaging his participants with his working experiences.
Both Facilitators are always rated above 4 (out of a 5-point scale) for effective delivery of their training courses. Most comments about the instructor’s effectiveness are that they are very engaging and indeed excellent trainer.

The Interpersonal Skill Specialist

ACES Learning Hub Pte Ltd

Call: Sharon 6299 0885; Irene 9235 1622

What Our Participants Say

“Realize actual self-personality and co-workers’ personality, traits of each personality type and be aware of how different we are and to be conscious of how to better effectively work together”

“Mr Yeo is very knowledgeable and clear with his explanation. He is very generous in sharing real-life scenarios with us. I would love to attend more of his classes in future.”

“An eye opener to why different personality types react in a certain way. Able to analyse and get a better understanding of my own personality. Learn how to tap on each other strengths.”

"Instructor is very experience and knowledgeable. He explained very clearly on the subject and created interest in the course. A very professional instructor. Good work Mr. Yeo!"

"Get to understand my boss better, and my colleagues better, so that, I am able to communicate with them more effectively in future."

"I had the great pleasure knowing my strengths & weakness, with this knowledge I’m sure to have a win win situation."

"I like the MBTI evaluation as it helps to understand the different personality types that we will encounter in our working environment and also understand what is our own personality type so that we can apply it later in work and personal life."