Effective Business Writing & Pronunciation

“Learnt how to write response to business email effectively and the correct way of grammar usage. Instructor gives interesting lecture.Able to use examples that related to my work”

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

“Learnt how to start with tangible topic,use verb instead of noun and how to understand your boss style. Instructor sticks to the facts.She speaks clearly,full expression and knowledgeable.”

Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd

“The teacher really tailored the class for our purposes.She really did her homework,incorporating many of the pitfalls in our own writing.Instructor is very relevant examples used–I like it that real-life business examples are used which we can relate better to.”

Barclays Capital Services

“Learnt how to write effectively with the tools emphasize by Nancy including writing using symmetry tool,reduce redundant words and organising information so it’s easier for the readers”

“Nancy was able to relate the BPA hub function and reports in the training.Sheprovides tips on how individual can perform and excel in their function beyond effective writing”

DFS Venture Singapore Pte Ltd

“I will apply my new knowledge as I have gained from this training such as,changing my writing method and more correctly use of my grammar when writing the IA report”

“I feel happy and learn lots new knowledge.Hope we will have another chance to attend such training.Very thank you to our Head- Ms Debbie Goh and other colleagues”

“Excellent trainer.Very insightful and engaging day”

Fraser & Neave Limited

“I benefited much from this course,it helps me to write in a logic and easy understood way.”

Protiviti Shanghai

“Excellent! We should conduct and arrange training courses like this one to develop the capability of our staff.”

Panasonic Singapore Laboratories Pte Ltd

“I’ve learned to reduce ’empty’ verbs and redundancies in writing,which is beneficial to our work.Instructor pointed out the main mistake that we made on work.Provide good & relevant examples”

Singapore Chinese Orchestra

“I learned how to write simple and concise emails,how to revise my emails from grammar,style and tone”

“I have learned to speak the simple and correct English.I have learned to speak English with colleague,even for Chinese colleague.I have known the way to practice and improve spoken English.”

“I have learned how to pronounce correctly and with clear enunciation.Through the Course,I find my weakness in my presentation and have much improvement now.The course also helps me to establish self-confidence to speak English”

Panasonic Singapore Laboratories Pte Ltd

“I have learned to cut short my writing in email.”Subject” in email is very important to convey messages to boss. How to spilt the important messages in different paragraphs”

“Instructor makes the lesson more jovial (cracking jokes).She listed out the relevant example for different issue involved when writing email”

“Instructor is excellent in English.Very powerful & efficiency teaching skill”

“It’s fantastic.All is well done!”

Pico Art International Pte Ltd

“A very good course to learn/improve writing skills.It is an interactive session.The lecturer is humorous, interesting and fantastic.”

“Instructor makes the course interesting by giving good example and practice.Able to communicate effectively with simple English.”

Trans Equatorial Engineering Pte Ltd

“I learn how to write effective email,how to write from the reader’s perspective and how to organize information.”

“I learn of the common mistakes that I made when writing email. I can able to spot them and avoid doing it again in the future”

“Nancy is very knowledge.Her sense of humor made the lesson interesting for us.She is Great!”

“Nancy can elaborate the course clearly with examples.A very good trainer”

“Instructor has all round experience.Well traveled”

Land Transport Authority