Dates: 16 & 17 Apr; 19 & 20 Jun 2018

Time: 9am – 5pm

Early Bird Fee: S$730  (Register one month earlier)

After SDF Grant, Fee: S$702 only

Normal Fee: S$780!

SDF Code: CRS-N-0024955


FOC for the 11th participant
for 6th participant.

You can make people remember your message, enjoy your presentation, and make yourself more impressive by producing better results— if you learn the secrets of being an effective speaker..

Just having the head knowledge is not enough. Can you convince through your presentations?

Thousands have left ACES’ workshops, very pleased that they are now able to appear impressive and confident in their presentations! And they have learnt how to turn their nervous energy into positive one in their favour!

So join us, and we can assure you that you will certainly look more professional, sound more committed, and appear more credible than before you join us in this workshop! Come and experience for yourself!

This workshop is the most highly participatory and personalized workshop of its kind. You will receive coaching and feedback from two highly qualified presentation instructors to help you learn and practise fundamental and advanced presentation skills. There are many-digitally video recorded personal presentations, and each session is followed by written, verbal and visual feedback from the two highly-qualified instructors to guarantee your progress and improve from any distracting behaviours.

What You Will Gain

  • Overcome nervousness, anxiety, and any distracting mannerisms
  • Enhance voice projection, articulation, pace and fluency
  • Project control and confidence through delivery skills
  • Do audience analysis – audience attitudes and needs, and structure presentations accordingly’
  • Know useful guidelines to make visual aids (power point slides) more effective to captivate audience attention
  • Present technical information clearly, concisely, and persuasively
  • Use visual aids to enhance your presentations effectively
  • Structure presentations to gain maximum effect
  • Speak impromptu yet appear impressive – no advanced notice, no notes
  • Learn standup and seated presentation guidelines
  • Manage Question & Answer session
  • – difficult / unreasonable audience
  • – neutralizing negative questions
  • – how to manage silence when nobody asks questions
  • – how to answer questions to benefit audience

Who Should Attend

Supervisors, Managers & above. Anyone who has to present to clients, boss/es,

staff – office meetings, proposal meetings etc

Facilitator’s Profile

Nancy Yeo
Managing Director

Nancy Yeo was certified in America, Illinois, St Charles, to design and deliver interpersonal skills courses. She has substantial experience in delivering many soft skills all over Asia Pacific. She has trained thousands of office workers in the workplace, most of whom found her training practical and sharing of experiences very useful to their career.

Nancy was usually rated above 4 (out of a 5-point scale) for effective delivery of training courses.Most comments about her instructor effectiveness were that she was very engaging, and indeed an excellent facilitator.

Irene Koh

Irene Koh has been actively involved in delivering soft skill courses across all industries, and in Asia Pacific.

She has over 10 over years working with different organisations spanned across wide spectrum of industries.She exudes enthusiasm and energy that has won her accolades of compliments from her participants.

Participants even wrote about how her course delivery has been so useful that it motivates them to want to excel in their work.

The Interpersonal Skill Specialist

ACES Learning Hub Pte Ltd

Call: Sharon 6299 0885; Irene 9235 1622

What Our Participants Say

“The course has taught me to be more confident when presenting, through the four solid skills that I have learned. Eye contact. Vocal projection. Good gestures. Feet appropriate apart. Solid stance.”

“This course enabled me to be aware of the 4 important solid skills in presentation. The instructors also give me opportunities to practice and present using the skills that I have learnt during the course.”

"Nancy and Irene are very good, professional trainers. They point out my problem and tailor-made the comments on me."

"Even today as I walked to the office and start my day, I'm feeling the confidence and excitement that you guys have injected during the course.Thank you for the useful techniques taught, and candid feedback and help given to me.I'm sure I'll put them to use not just in my work but in my life."