Dates: 1 Mar; 17 May

Time: 1.45pm to 5.00pm

Venue: HDB Hub, Toa Payoh

Fee: S$270 only!

One of the pervasive characteristics of life these days is stress, and unfortunately stress considerably undermines our working memory and work performance. Research has shown that people under stress undermined the working memory to such a degree that when they were asked to make decisions, they tended to give up thinking things through and use their emotions to make decisions.

Come attend this workshop by Nancy Yeo to identify common work-related stressors, and stress-reduction techniques. Learn to apply these techniques at work and home so that we can be effective in whatever we do.

Course Outline

  • 1 – Understand what is stress and its symptoms
  • 2 – Identify your stressors
  • 3 – Learn techniques and tips to manage stress relating to
  • *work
  • *people
  • 4 – Find out how to measure your current stress level – using scientifically-proven item to measure and have fun at the workshop using it
  • 5 – Write action plan

Who Should Attend

Anyone who experiences stress, and wants not only to manage it effectively but to help others around them too.

Facilitator’s Profile

Nancy Yeo Managing Director

Nancy Yeo was certified in USA, Illinois, St. Charles, to design and deliver interpersonal skill programs. She has substantial experience delivering soft skill programs in Asia Pacific. Nancy has trained thousands of professionals, most of whom found her training very practical, and her sharing of real-life experiences very useful to their career.

Nancy prides herself with a mastery of impeccable linguistic skills in communication and in training.  Her grasp of the English language is practical and hands-on in approach. Her professional experience revolves around people, liberating them to become self-assured and confident.  

The Interpersonal Skill Specialist

ACES Learning Hub Pte Ltd

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What Our Participants Say

"I really enjoyed the session. Nancy is amazing. I had already recommended the course to my other colleagues and friends (from other organisations). Although the title is “Managing Stress @ Work”, I strongly believe that what I had learnt can be applied to any situation."

"Different types of bosses & personality & how to manage them to reduce our stress. Nancy has taught us the fun/ways."

“It helped to manage my stress level in a better way, be more positive”

"The tips about how to manage internal and external stress was useful.”

"She is intelligent and knows the topic very well. She is very effective in teaching. She provides good examples and has good ideas to share.”

"Nancy is an AMAZING instructor who knows her contents really well and is able to engage the group. She is able to share personal insight which allows us to relate to her. She is very encouraging and motivational as well.”

“Nancy has conducted the lesson in a very light heartedly and has imparted her knowledge in this subject to us. I enjoyed her lesson a lot”