Dates:  11 Apr; 31 Jul

Time: 9am – 5pm

Early Bird Fee: S$350
(Register one month earlier)


Normal Fee: S$388!


*New Course*


FOC for the 11th participant
for 6th participant.

This workshop equips you with skills, abilities, attitudes and the personal confidence needed to communicate effectively in your work teams.

In today’s team-focused and culturally-diverse working environment, you are expected to be able to communicate with people across all levels, divisions and cultures. Strong technical competence alone is not sufficient to ensure your career success.

You will benefit through experiential learning – this workshop is highly activity-driven: key skills and abilities are learnt through four big activities: never a dull moment, fully engaging throughout the day!

Course Outline

  • Swinging!
  • – identifying and communicating key information
  • – communications between remote teams
  • – producing clear instructions
  • – inter-dependent team working
  • – working under time constraints
  • Balance Advocacy and Inquiry
  • – balancing courage and consideration during team discussions
  • – contributing your ideas effectively
  • – asking questions without offending
  • Blind Statues!
  • – agreeing and taking action on work plans
  • – encouraging honest exchange of views without offending others
  • – understanding and working within others’ limitations
  • – understanding what cause others to close their minds, withhold information, fail to understand or ignore messages offered
  • Balloons Galore!
  • – engaging in team discussions
  • – giving and receiving instructions
  • What’s Next?
  • – action plan

Who Should Attend

Managerial level and below: those who need to communicate more effectively with colleagues and external parties.

Facilitator’s Profile

Irene Koh was certified in London to deliver experiential learning, using activities to draw key learning principles that participants can easily apply to their workplace

Irene Koh

Irene Koh has been actively involved in delivering soft skill courses across all industries, and in Asia Pacific.

She has over 10 over years working with different organisations spanned across wide spectrum of industries.She exudes enthusiasm and energy that has won her accolades of compliments from her participants.

Participants even wrote about how her course delivery has been so useful that it motivates them to want to excel in their work.

The Interpersonal Skill Specialist

ACES Learning Hub Pte Ltd

Call: Sharon 6299 0885; Irene 9235 1622

What Our Participants Say

“Learn the art of words & verbal communication. Individual knowledge is limited, regardless of how confident a person is. Team work achieves more.”

"Learnt that it is important to convey clear messages, to praise and acknowledge, appreciate colleagues efforts, to put myself in other colleagues shoes be in their perspective"

“How to apply Teamwork, which is a very effective tool in our workplace. It brings about confidence, responsibility and success of the team and the project. Lessons are learnt from success amongst all.”

“The instructor is able to point out what we need to improve through our group activities, which is really useful for us to improve ourselves in the future.”

“Irene is able to site very practical situation for each activity and always link back to work / office application. Very effective facilitator & Instructor”

“Facilitator has very good knowledge. She is able to make the lesson very interesting. She makes sure that all of us are engage in the activities and help us when we are in doubt.”

“Instructor is very spontaneous. Very real – the examples cited are very close to the heart, very practical. Able to get the class attention and to participate. Very positive and encouraging.”