Dates:  5 Jun; 13 Aug 2018

Time: 9am – 5pm

Early Bird Fee: S$299! (Register one month earlier)

After SDF Grant, Fee: S$285 only

Normal Fee: S$320!

SDF Code: CRS-N-0024952


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Want to learn easy-to-use yet powerful techniques on how to communicate clearly, timely and completely? And to be able to communicate with colleagues of different nationalities, across different cultures, and with people from different levels in the organisation?

Come join us in this highly-interactive and practical workshop! You will definitely be able to apply the skills and techniques learned to create supportive and positive working relationships in your workplace – relationships in your favour!

What You Will Gain

Participants will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Identify common miscommunication issues that occur in the workplace.
  • Strategies to overcome these communication barriers, and develop strong working relationships.
  • Simple yet powerful techniques on how to communicate with a boss who is too busy, or who already has a negative impression about you.
  • How to read messages through body language you sure your colleagues really mean what they say, what about yourself?
  • Managing emotions in your communication, being empathetic.
  • Whats Next… Action Plan for you to communicate effectively.

Who Should Attend

ANYONE who wants to improve interpersonal communication skills & be able to communicate effectively with boss/es, colleagues & external parties.

Facilitator’s Profile


Irene Koh

Irene Koh has been actively involved in delivering soft skill courses across all industries, and in Asia Pacific.

She has over 10 over years working with different organisations spanned across wide spectrum of industries. She exudes enthusiasm and energy that has won her accolades of compliments from her participants.

Participants even wrote about how her course delivery has been so useful that it motivates them to want to excel in their work.

The Interpersonal Skill Specialist

ACES Learning Hub Pte Ltd

Call: Sharon 6299 0885; Irene 9235 1622

What Our Participants Say

"Effective communication does not only lie in verbal cues but also body language and your tone. Sometimes we forget this. This course acts as a refresher for us. Keeping us in check that we need to note there are outside/other factors at play in having a good communication between people."

"Increased awareness of my trigger buttons and be prepared to manage my emotions appropriately. Better understanding of the communication barriers 7 learnt the solutions to overcome these barriers. Mindful of my non-verbal communications & tone when communicating in the workplace"

"The course is very interesting & engages the participants to share ideas throughout."

"How to communicate better with my colleagues & avoid misunderstandings."

"Different type of communication barriers & the ways to overcome these to have a win-win situation with colleagues/family etc."

"Very helpful – it made me realize of things I have been doing unconsciously which could make a different impression on how I communicate."