Dates: 18 Jan; 22 Feb; 22 Mar

Time: 9am – 5pm

Early Bird Fee: S$389  (Register one month earlier)

After SDF Grant, Fee: S$375 only

Normal Fee: S$420!

SDF Code: CRS-N-0025990


    FOC for the 11th participant:
for 6th participant.

Writing effectively is a critical business skill that contributes to your success on the job. This workshop guides you through practical techniques to efficiently produce clear, well-organised, and professional reports. This workshop grounds your foundation with effective business writing principles for any form of writing in the business context.

Through discussions, exercises and hands-on activities, you will learn how to plan, write and edit your reports before sending them to your boss/es. You will write case studies and receive feedback from ACES Business English Coach on your strengths and areas to improve on.

Course Outline

Participants will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Action Speaks Louder in Verbs
  • – Use of nouns vs verbs
  • – Delete insignificant verbs
  • – Active voice vs passive voice (what situations to use each)
  • Linking Subject to the Action
  • – Begin sentences with tangible topic
  • Organising Data to make them Informative
  • – Paragraphing chunks of information gathered
  • – Sequencing of information logically
  • Less is More
  • – Common mistakes made in long sentences
  • – Redundant words commonly used in our reports
  • Editing own documents
  • – get a memory jogger to guide you to edit your writings more efficiently and quickly before sending
  • What’s Next – Action Plan

Who Should Attend

ANYONE who uses emails, draft letters, proposals & other materials in their work.

  • 1 – Marketing / PR Professionals
  • 2 – Human Resource Professionals
  • 3 – Secretaries / Personal Assistants
  • 4 – Business / Sales Professionals
  • 5 – Corporate Communication Professionals
  • 6 – Technical Professionals
    • Facilitator’s Profile

      Nancy Yeo Managing Director

      Nancy Yeo was certified in USA, Illinois, St. Charles, to design and deliver interpersonal skill programs. She has substantial experience delivering soft skill programs in Asia Pacific. Nancy has trained thousands of professionals, most of whom found her training very practical, and her sharing of real-life experiences very useful to their career.

      Nancy prides herself with a mastery of impeccable linguistic skills in communication and in training.  Her grasp of the English language is practical and hands-on in approach. Her professional experience revolves around people, liberating them to become self-assured and confident.

      The Interpersonal Skill Specialist

      ACES Learning Hub Pte Ltd

      Call: Sharon 6299 0885; Irene 9235 1622

What Our Participants Say

"Large amount of info can be broken down into chunks for easier reading and writing. A star instructor. Methods to do the above are taught clearly. Instructor made content meaningful and thus easy to remember"

“Learn how to write proper bullet points. How to sequence my points & paragraph. To delete irrelevant points in my writing"

"Nancy is a qualified as an instructor. Voice and action were able to capture students' attention."

“Nancy is very expressive and full of actions and expressions that helps us to remember what we learn easier. She is very knowledgeable about the English language, and able to answer all kinds of questions. Finally, she is very humorous which makes class enjoyable."